Why did you do it?

Why did you choose to be you for the first time?

Why did you make me want to pull all my walls down and open my heart up to you?

Why did you make me want to believe in fairytales?

Why did you let me fall for you?

Why did you say no to being mine?

Why did you break my heart into a million different pieces day after day?

Why did you hang up when I needed you the most?

Why did you walk away when I wanted you to stay?

Why did you tell me about this girl you spoke to at night that you really really liked?

Why did you make me feel like I was her?

Why did you ask her out when you told me you weren’t ready when it was me?

Why did I cry like the world was falling apart?

Why did you feel like the only lifeline that could’ve saved me?

Why did that feeling fade away?

Why did you choose to leave?

Why did I want that distance more than you did?

Why did my love for you get buried under a life I wanted to build for myself?

Why did everything become nothing but a memory?

Why did I have the ability to choose me over you?

Why did that choice feel okay?

Why am I okay?

Without you.

With me.

23 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Shalini says:

    The best part…..why did I choose to be okay?…..profound yet simple….(wrote something on the same lines today in my blog)…..so these words clicked……I liked the flow of thoughts.

  2. itsmayurremember says:

    Last time I was here to read this post, it said the post doesn’t exist. Today I tried reading another and it said that post doesn’t exist either. Check it to see what’s wrong.

    As for the why, please tell me when you find the answers. I want those answers too. At least something’s better than nothing

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