Thank You, My Love

I remember the first conversation. I was my awkward self and your charming way with words made me smile. I called you two days later. I was upset. I wanted you to make me smile. You made me giggle like a child. It was a surprising sound in a rather dull moment of life.

You told me about the girl you were in love with. The one who broke your heart. I found myself grimacing. Wishing I could hold you close and tell you she didn’t deserve you. I wanted to tell you I’d gotten through it and you will too. But I didn’t. I didn’t want you to know about the guy who broke my heart. The guy who made me feel like I didn’t matter. I didn’t want you to ever think of me with someone else.

I’d spent two years learning to find comfort in being myself. But you made me want to be better. I wanted to be someone that was worthy of someone like you. I watched what I did. Who I spoke to. How I behaved.  I didn’t understand why, but the most important part of my day was the moment you answered your phone. My days were a blur as I counted down hours until I could talk to you.

When you laughed at something I said, my heart would melt. I made you laugh. That was such a high to me. I liked the sound of your laugh. I liked that I could make you happy. I wanted to. The moment you said, “I wanted to do something else with my life,” I couldn’t stop thinking if it was too late. I wanted you to live your dreams. For at least a day.

We fought. All the time. I know we did. We didn’t agree on very many things. We didn’t want the same things out of life. You were everything I never wanted in someone. But I could’ve done anything for you.

I remember the phone call. The one where you cried about how difficult your relationship felt. I remember silently crying with you. When we hung up, I slammed my head on my bed. I knew it. I knew this feeling. It had trouble written all over it. This was never going to work. But I hadn’t wanted anything more in my entire life.

Maybe.. What if.. Somehow.. you could feel this way too?

A part of me always knew you didn’t. But it didn’t stop me from hoping. Wishing on every star. Believing that it will change with every phone call. My friends thought I was an idiot.

When I told you, you already knew. When you replied, it felt like a thousand waves came crashing over me. I almost hated you for the way you made me feel right then. Almost.

It’s been more than a year since that day. Everything feels so different. I remember spending the 14th of February last year looking out the door every ten minutes. Hoping you would walk in at any moment to tell me what you hadn’t all those days. It was a hope I held on to every time I yelled, every time I cried, every time I dreamt.

Maybe you’ll wake up one day and feel what I do. What an incredible life that would be. I would fight the world to keep you close. To keep you happy.

I was talking to someone today. Someone who didn’t have the strength you did. Someone that said yes knowing he couldn’t give her his everything. And I felt glad.

Because at my weakest moment, when I was a crying mess, I forgot that I deserve someone that feels for me the fierceness of what I feel for that person. But you didn’t. You stuck with your decision. You stayed sane when I lost my mind. You stayed strong when I was vulnerable. It would’ve been so easy to nod your head, but you never did. Not once. And it felt so difficult then.

But I didn’t see what you were doing. I didn’t see the big picture. I didn’t care enough for my emotions. You did.

And for that, for not being that guy,

Thank you, my love.

45 thoughts on “Thank You, My Love

  1. Adventuring-The says:

    Wow that was really beautiful 🙂 I don’t know how many times I’ve felt that way. Eventually things work out thought.

  2. Sahar says:

    What a beautiful piece! I love how you managed to go beyond the immediate happiness the “yes” would have given you to realize that his “no” meant keeping you available for someone who will offer you his entire heart ❤

  3. Just Being Me says:

    I love your writing style! I love the way this piece reminded me of how it felt to love someone who didn’t love me. And in the end, I know I was happy for it too. Not in that moment, but afterwards, when I realized that they could never be what I needed. When I realized that they would never love me the same way I loved them.

  4. leoniejohnson says:

    This is really gorgeous so well written and I can so empathise with the situation, sometimes life has different things in store for us and we don’t see it at the time but we have to go through the pain and you really will be a better person for it in the end, Glad your staying positive x

  5. weenapradhan says:

    OMG ! Cant believe you have written my heart out ! Exactly what I am going thru. Hoping every moment the nod will come , the confession will come , but as you said , he has remained unmoved , strong. You have written it all so well , I started feeling with you ! Kudos ! The pain of love is still alluring !

    • LoudThoughtsVoicedOut says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 (Warning : long comment ahead)
      I remember that phase. I was constantly daydreaming that any moment now, he’s going to look at something and realize that I love him like a crazy person and that he’ll love me back. The number of days I’ve cried myself to sleep is insane. I thought that feeling will never go away. Truth is, I’ll always care for him. He’ll always be special. I’ll always smile when I think of him. But I’m so so SO unbelievably content because I had a real life example of what would’ve happened if he’d said yes and I don’t want to ever hate him like that.
      It’s been quite a long journey but I now have the ability to talk to him normally. I think he enjoys this version of me more as well. I like having him as a friend and I don’t think he understands that he’ll always be special and honestly, I don’t mind. It’s my own kind of happy bubble.
      I would rather this than live a life knowing the person I’m crazy in love with will never love me back the same way. His heart will never be mine like mine is his. 🙂
      I don’t know if that all made sense. But just my thought process when I read your comment 🙂

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