New Year Ramblings

It’s a new year again ! It’s a new beginning. New relationships, new friendships, new entertainment, new disasters and renewed resolutions.

When you count down the last few seconds, it’s so exciting. It’s the end of an entire year. It’s time to make some new memories. It’s the start of something new, something different, something perfect and 3, 2, 1…

Hi. It’s the exact same life you had ten seconds ago.

Because this is the truth we refuse to see. The truth behind every failed New Year’s Resolution.

On the 31st of December 2014, I was not a member at any gym across the city for one exact reason – I’m a lazy bum. About ten minutes before midnight, I had not travelled to any of the places on my bucket list because – I have no savings and no way of getting some anytime soon. When the clock read 11:59:50PM – I hated adventure and things that weren’t planned to the very last detail.

And unfortunately, at midnight, there was no fairy godmother waving her magic wand to change any of it.

When we bring in a new year, we make all these plans. We expect to become healthier and smarter and make better decisions. We tell ourselves that our lives will no longer be what it was. We’re going to re-organize the drama, find a way to lose the weight, save a lot of money and do all the things we couldn’t do last year. And amidst the chaos and excitement, we forget that the only thing that will be different the next morning is that one digit on our calendar.

Change doesn’t happen with the date or time. It doesn’t happen when a year ends. It doesn’t happen when the clock strikes midnight. Change happens from within us. If we really want to become healthier, we have to attempt to eat and live a healthier life. If we want to travel the world, the money isn’t going to magically appear in our bank accounts. We have to consider a way to save, starting today. And as for changing who we are, it’s not always necessary but if it is, it definitely has to start from the inside.

So this New Year, instead of trying to change everything drastically within the first month, try to take up one oath. That you will make small changes everyday. A change so small that it might be insignificant today but will make a big difference 365 days from now. Let this be the year where you keep up your resolutions, not because you made easy ones but because you made logical ones. And I hope this year has more happy and proud memories than all that’s been so far.

And while we’re on that note, I just wanted to share with you something I’ve been doing for the past two years and have taken on again this year.

The Happy Box :

The Happy Box doesn’t have to be a particularly nice one. It can be anything from a recycled shoe box to an old tin you found lying around. Every time you feel joy and happiness, write it down along with the date and put it in your Happy Box along with some money. It doesn’t have to be big amounts. Can even be 1 cent / paise if that’s all you can manage. On January 1st 2016, open the box. We make so many memories throughout the year. Some of them are forever etched in our brains, while others are lost in a sea of thoughts and emotions. This will be a good way to look back on those lost moments as well as a way of saving money, even if it’s just a little bit. So come a new year, you get to re-live the best moments that you’d forgotten and spend the money you saved. This was my unboxing day :

Happy Box 2014

One of the things I’d forgotten about last year, that I was reminded of through a happy box note, was a very normal day spent with family, laughing about childhood memories a few hours before my cousin went back to the US. Do let me know what your happiest moments from last year were and if you think the Happy Box is something you would do.

Once again, Happy New Year you guys ! Last year was absolutely amazing and Thank You SO MUCH for all the positivity you sent my way. I had a post I really wanted to put up this week but I felt like the first post of a new year needed to be much more happier and lighter. So until next week..

Sending a lot of love your way ❤

71 thoughts on “New Year Ramblings

  1. itsmayurremember says:

    I read another post in which the blogger had used a bell. Whenever something nice happened, she rang the bell. Eventually the bell rang so many times that made her appreciate the small happiness in her life.

    As far as resolutions are concerned, they are based on new beginnings. And which are new beginnings bigger than new year and birthdays. But they lack a certain directions. For example losing weight, its the finished result but not the path needed to be taken which is harder to figure out. I think that is why so many resolutions fail.

    • LoudThoughtsVoicedOut says:

      That is definitely another reason.. I recently read an article about how gym memberships double in January. Because of new year resolutions. I think it’d be better if people just wait a month before spending money on resolutions.
      I like the idea of a bell. Maybe I’ll try that too.. 😀 thank you 🙂

  2. Saurab says:

    that was a great article! I loved the happy box idea as well.
    Just wanted to elaborate on a point you made, regarding the fact the we all make resolutions to change on the new year, but nothing does. Yes, change is from within, but i think the reason why people make the new year, and the new beginnings with it such a big deal is because it acts as a motivational factor. It’s like this little push you give yourself, BECAUSE it’s a new year, to change. The reason it fails is because we don’t build on it.
    The idea of small change, that builds into something big is actually a good one. That way, that initiative stays alive. It’s what I’m trying this year, by starting a blog. 🙂
    Happy New Year! 😀

    • LoudThoughtsVoicedOut says:

      Hey, Thank you so much. I agree that most people believe it’s a good time to start because they think along the lines of “it’s a new year” and I was one of them for a very long time but I just got to a point where I often thought “It’s a new day tomorrow. Why wait a year to start when I can start tomorrow?” And then I read a ‘motivational picture’ somewhere and that attitude changed into something like “It’s a new minute. If not now, when?!”
      But I agree that different people have different takes on New Year’s 🙂
      Happy blogging 😀 And Happy New Year 😀

  3. Bowrag says:

    3,2,1… Hi! That was best line I have read about the New Year!! Cracked me up. You are so correct. It is same life you were living 10 seconds or minutes ago. I do like the happy box

  4. engie2313 says:

    Hi there! Enjoyed reading this post as well as some others. I have something similar to ur happy box but mine is a “happy notebook”. The concept is the same though. I write up to 5 small notes with the dates per page(anywhere on the page). It’s like having a disorganizingly organized scrapbook or literary work. I think for 2015 though, I’m going with a happy box 😊

    Thx for the idea.

    • LoudThoughtsVoicedOut says:

      Yaay ! I can’t wait to see the opening day of Happy Box. We should probably all come up with a hashtag together so we can keep updating on how our happy box looks every month or every quarter. Thank you so much 😀

  5. engie2313 says:

    Hi there! I have something similar to your happy box. I have a happy notebook. The concept is the same though. I write up to 5 small notes with the dates per page and not necessarily down the page. It’s a personal choice…for some creativity. It’s like having a disorganizingly organized scrapbook or literary work. I think for 2015 though I will be trying the happy box. 🙂
    Thx for the idea.

  6. talkeetnagirl says:

    Hi, I found your blog through Blogging 101. I love your happy box. Simple and do-able. I am going to start mine today. I have just the box in mind. See, you’ve made a positive change in at least one person today! :^)

  7. daleychronicles says:

    This is absolutely wonderful! That is so true, we constantly expect changes just because the year has changed. I believe that New Year Resolutions can work if we make it work.

    Also, the Happy Box is an AMAZING idea! Definitely gonna try that

  8. Mary Rose Manzella says:

    You are right it is the same life you were living 10 seconds ago… but its a year with no mistake in it…a clean slate.
    (But I don’t understand why people have to make a big deal over it, thought. Parts and fire works.)

    • LoudThoughtsVoicedOut says:

      I get how that would be a point of view but I can’t help thinking that this very minute is a new one too. I mean, if we’re going to get rid of the past, we don’t need a new year. Just a new mindset. But as someone that used to make such a big deal out of new year’s resolutions, I get that. I enjoy the fireworks. I’m a huge fan of fireworks though I’m scared to light any myself and also we have an entire festival meant for fireworks (Deepavali) but I never understand the parties.
      Thank you so much 😀

  9. francoisrice says:

    Excellent article. I really liked your perspective and your happy box idea. I heard of a similar idea from a friend. Instead of writing down happy things, you write about a specific person and the things they do that make you happy. The idea is to write one thing down per day for a year and at the end of the year, give the box/notebook/jar to that person as a gift.

    • LoudThoughtsVoicedOut says:

      I actually considered that for this year but there are a lot of things that make me happy like a perfect book (Fault in our stars by John Green, for example) so it made more sense for me to keep going with the Happy Box. But that is actually a really personal and touching gift idea. Thank you so much 😀

  10. livinganintentionallife says:

    I am trying something similar to the happy box this year. I am calling my joyful moments of 2015 and I am putting them in a jar. I totally agree with the small changes each day. I get pretty overwhelmed after a while when I put everything on my plate in the first month.

    • LoudThoughtsVoicedOut says:

      I know that feeling. I was all about the new year’s resolutions. It’s very safe to say I didn’t keep up any of them, ever. And after I hit a roadblock in life, my 2014 new year’s resolution was – “get through the day and don’t give up hope. If I can take on something, I should. If not, I shouldn’t feel guilty.” It was a very good plan.
      I somehow love the word joy. It’s just so uncliche’d and giggly.
      Thank you so much 😀

  11. cmmenut says:

    I really like the direction you were going with, “And unfortunately, at midnight, there was no fairy godmother waving her magic wand to change any of it.” We do tend to think something magical will happen to change us at midnight. We, as humans, tend to think that suddenly at midnight, we will magically be able to do something different just because the year is different.
    I like the idea that you presented about making memories, “It’s time to make some new memories…” instead of making resolutions. The direction was good and swayed away from making resolutions for just a moment. I thought about how everyone fails at their resolutions, and how I absolutely refuse to make a “New Years” resolution due to this exact reason. I never have made one, and I never will. A new year can take on a different meaning for people rather than being a time when we try and fail every year.

    Small changes are good; “A change so small that it might be insignificant today but will make a big difference 365 days from now.” It takes the focus off of the norm. I think you could do something even more with this writing. It has two different directions but could be more focused on one direction. You write about failed resolutions and then write about making memories, then write about how to possibly make small changes to make a resolution seem to just sneak up on your life. I think you could focus more on your idea of making memories instead of changes and the “Happy Box” with things worth remembering is an awesome idea to be the focus of your writing. Your ideas definitely are not just ramblings. It also gives me the idea of focusing on positive things that happen throughout the year instead of negative things when I have to reread the good things at the end of the year.
    I remember one year, we all wrote a letter to one of our family members that they could not open until the following New Years Eve. I don’t even remember what I wrote. I think that your idea is far better. It’s a great idea and I enjoyed reading it.

    • LoudThoughtsVoicedOut says:

      I could never wait a year to open a letter. I’d probably cheat before the day ends. 😛
      As for having a lot of directions, like I mentioned in the post, I had a completely different post planned and at the very last minute I decided against it and I didn’t really have enough stable thoughts in my head to take this in one direction. This is pretty much how my brain works – all over the place, all the time. But I’ve been thinking of taking up one of the topics and working on it later on. Thank you for the idea.
      I have made so many resolutions and failed so miserably that I finally gave up a couple of years ago and started looking at the whole thing from a different angle because I knew there was a reason they didn’t work.
      Thank you so much 😀

      • cmmenut says:

        I understand completely when you say that your brain is all over the place. I have so many thoughts each second that I wonder If I’m the only one using my brain. lol I just really like your ideas and being able to look back at the positive things that happened in the previous year is something that would benefit more people than just trying to make a “New Years Resolution” on January 1st and then failing within the first week.

      • LoudThoughtsVoicedOut says:

        Ohmygod, I feel like that so often. Also because I’m very talkative and when I say everything I’m thinking, my friends just get this blank look on their faces that pretty much says “you’re babbling. slow down. one thought at a time.”

  12. itsvibs says:

    Hey… like many people commenting here, I too liked the idea of a Happy box… I felt excited even when I thought of doing it 😉 … Thanks for mentioning it and giving others an idea of saving memories…

  13. zbertone says:


    I found you through Community Pool and LOVE your blog.
    Everything you said is SOOO true! It does come from within! I also love the idea of a happy box!
    One of the things that I wanted to do this year, was start a blog! And I did, today!
    I hope you can check it out and give me some feedback!
    Thanks 🙂

  14. crazycatgrrl says:

    Came across your blog from the Community Pool. Love this. post. I know way too many people that get caught up in NYE resolutions, only to see them fail. Starting to write, even with something as small as a blog, was one of my goals for 2015.

    • LoudThoughtsVoicedOut says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 I used to be caught up with NY resolutions too. Feels good to be away from it.
      Trust me, you’re going to love this. It definitely changes the way you look at things. Welcome to blogging ! 😀

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