May Madness & My Madness

This week has been crazy. This month has been crazy. Everything I never thought would happen to me, did. I woke up this morning and realized I didn’t put up a blog this weekend and I almost gave into it thinking “one weekend. I’m on break.” But it didn’t seem right. This is going to be the second post where I don’t have an actual topic. But here goes :

I wanted to add this because in my previous blog, Looks can be deceiving – where I talked about how you should walk up to a stranger and tell them that everything is going to be ok, someone had asked me if I had ever walked up to someone on the street and told them that. I realized then that I hadn’t added my personal experience in the post. So let me do it now. The experience that inspired my post was not a situation where I went up to someone and told them that. But rather, the other way around.

October of last year, my mum had taken me out and I’d finished early so I was sitting in a corner and was waiting for her to finish her stuff. I was whatsapping my friend and smiling about something. I looked like a normal 21-year-old. Nothing looked wrong. Nobody could even guess that two weeks before that I’d gone to see a psychiatrist because I was drowning in depression. I had my hand on my cheek and that’s not a good thing to do, according to my tradition. So this old man walked up to  me and told me not to do that. I listened to him (you don’t really want to say no to someone that old) and he walked away. A few minutes later, he walked back to me and said “Don’t worry. It’ll be ok. No problem is unsolvable.” I don’t know why or what made him do it. But that entire day I was so positive. A few weeks later, I started this blog and right after I got my first follower, I mentally thanked him for giving me hope when I needed it. That’s why I suggested the experiment. I didn’t look like I needed to hear those words, what with my smiling and giggling and a nice fancy smartphone, but I really really really did. 🙂

Also, the first thing I realized beginning of this week was that every time I have to write actual, I write actualy. It’s annoying as a writer that I mess up the easiest and most simplest of words.

My aim to finish chapter 3 of my book by the end of May hasn’t happened. I’m half way through chapter two and then I just got super busy.

May also marks my six month bloggiversary. (I don’t know if that’s a word. But it describes this perfectly.) I’m really glad I took the plunge. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for six months. It’s been amazing 😀 Thank you for all the comments and the encouraging words. Thank you for the creative criticism. Just.. THANK YOU 🙂

The last time I did a post like this, I added a few of my poems from the past. This time, it’s all about the arts … or doodles actually. 🙂



Have a good week ahead of you 🙂


17 thoughts on “May Madness & My Madness

  1. Stephen Fry says:

    Its a very nice post but I have one minor point. You said, blogiversary describes perfectly the idea that you began your blog six months ago. That is all very nice and dandy but 🙂
    annus=year and versus=turning
    anniversarius = returning yearly
    blog = blog and versus = turning
    blogiversarius = returning blogly

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