Sick Again – Sketches and Photography

Yet another sick week. I’ve tried to write but everything feels like crap and hence, the third post of this kind. We’ve done poems. We’ve done doodles. This time I thought I’ll add a few of my favorite sketches and photos I’ve done and taken over the past four years. So here goes :

Taken during a lecture at university. I was bored.


I was having a terrible week and I needed to let out some steam. This was how I did it. Charles&Keith stilettos that I still cannot walk in. Seriously, how do women do it?!


Taken while traveling. Best of both worlds ? I was closer to the clouds than land. This picture does not do justice to the view I had.

sky and land

This is the view one has from Board Walk at VivoCity of Sentosa right before dusk. If you ever visit Singapore, you have to try and go see this view. It is the most calming thing as the sun disappears behind the buildings and the lights are turned on.


Part of my attempts at learning to draw  human body parts. Being a self-taught artist, I am sort of proud of this.


When I bought a sketchbook, I had no idea what I could do. This was done with the help of an online picture tutorial and this is also the second sketch I had ever done. This was the sketch that made me realize that if I keep practicing, I might be a decent artist. There began the journey that has led me to four sketchbooks, two cases of pencils and large amounts of practice.


I look for the word love everywhere I can. If I can’t find it, I make sure I leave a little love for someone else to find. One such attempt.

love sand

Last but not least, one of my favorite photos ever, taken on an iPhone 4 with natural lighting and no edits.


Sorry you guys. I promise to make up for this with a kickass post next week.

Until then,

Sending a little love your way. 🙂 ❤

May Madness & My Madness

This week has been crazy. This month has been crazy. Everything I never thought would happen to me, did. I woke up this morning and realized I didn’t put up a blog this weekend and I almost gave into it thinking “one weekend. I’m on break.” But it didn’t seem right. This is going to be the second post where I don’t have an actual topic. But here goes :

I wanted to add this because in my previous blog, Looks can be deceiving – where I talked about how you should walk up to a stranger and tell them that everything is going to be ok, someone had asked me if I had ever walked up to someone on the street and told them that. I realized then that I hadn’t added my personal experience in the post. So let me do it now. The experience that inspired my post was not a situation where I went up to someone and told them that. But rather, the other way around.

October of last year, my mum had taken me out and I’d finished early so I was sitting in a corner and was waiting for her to finish her stuff. I was whatsapping my friend and smiling about something. I looked like a normal 21-year-old. Nothing looked wrong. Nobody could even guess that two weeks before that I’d gone to see a psychiatrist because I was drowning in depression. I had my hand on my cheek and that’s not a good thing to do, according to my tradition. So this old man walked up to  me and told me not to do that. I listened to him (you don’t really want to say no to someone that old) and he walked away. A few minutes later, he walked back to me and said “Don’t worry. It’ll be ok. No problem is unsolvable.” I don’t know why or what made him do it. But that entire day I was so positive. A few weeks later, I started this blog and right after I got my first follower, I mentally thanked him for giving me hope when I needed it. That’s why I suggested the experiment. I didn’t look like I needed to hear those words, what with my smiling and giggling and a nice fancy smartphone, but I really really really did. 🙂

Also, the first thing I realized beginning of this week was that every time I have to write actual, I write actualy. It’s annoying as a writer that I mess up the easiest and most simplest of words.

My aim to finish chapter 3 of my book by the end of May hasn’t happened. I’m half way through chapter two and then I just got super busy.

May also marks my six month bloggiversary. (I don’t know if that’s a word. But it describes this perfectly.) I’m really glad I took the plunge. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for six months. It’s been amazing 😀 Thank you for all the comments and the encouraging words. Thank you for the creative criticism. Just.. THANK YOU 🙂

The last time I did a post like this, I added a few of my poems from the past. This time, it’s all about the arts … or doodles actually. 🙂



Have a good week ahead of you 🙂