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How important can a three-letter-word be?


She knew me when I didn’t know myself.

When I didn’t understand alphabets,

When hunger was an emotion and not a word,

When laughter was a face and not a joke,

When tears could mean anything,

When sobbing was a nightly activity.


When school wanted to keep me away a few hours,

When I was but struggling to read,

When friends brought drama for free,

When boys developed a new identity,

When a bridge I crossed took her farther away,

When it was a struggle to not see her everyday.


When life made me too busy,

When phone calls were made on necessity,

When a group of strangers filled up my time,

When she let me be and chose not to whine.


When all my decisions went wrong,

When all my choices fell apart,

When love from him turned to dust,

When all I knew was not enough,


When I was at my worst,

When I had given up hope,

When I had nothing but failure,

And she hugged me with love.


She’s not magic.

She’s no superhero.

She’s a person

With never-ending love.


It’s not just a three-letter-word.

She’s so much more.





15 thoughts on “Mom

  1. Fatma Amin says:

    Beautifully written. Every word of your poetry is captivating & imbibing… Do check out one of my post at
    (Message from a mother….), it’s the same as you share in this well-expressive article. I find your words very thought-provoking & insightful. I am an incomplete mother, and I loved the way u weaved the words with your imagination. U have the power of creating a long-lasting impact on the viewer. The quality of a writer should always be to-hold the reader’s mind in grip..I find that impactful quality in your write-up. I love when people throw out lucid thoughts with vulnerability, audacity, love & vividity. Your composition was great:). Heartwarming ! Thank u for sharing

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