The best and worst of mankind

I know I don’t really blog on a weekday, but I had to get this out of my system. I saw two kinds of human beings today. I was so happy when my mother and I were at the vegetable market and I saw this man wait for a homeless man to hand him some bread. I thought that was humanity at its best. I was so overjoyed and I actually wanted to share the happiness that day. 

Then on my way back from there, I saw a Hyundai company bus speed past us so fast he almost hit us. We escaped, but falling prey to his stupid driving was an innocent dog’s leg. I am shattered to say the least. I just.. I’m furious and unbelievably heartbroken. I can hear the poor thing’s cries in my head and its blood on the road. And the heartless person that drove away without stopping for a second. 

I was just having a conversation with my mother about how animals could never tell you exactly where they’re hurting if they are and to witness that. I want to find ways to sue that goddamn driver. If he/she woke up late, it’s his/her problem. Driving rash on the roads, not stopping for an innocent being’s life and acting like nothing happened is unacceptable and I’m shocked that this is the kind of person a company like that would trust their employees’ lives with. 

The dog was taken to the hospital with the security guard. I will try and get an update soon but I really think someone should do something about the driver. Really. Playing with an innocent’s life is not acceptable behavior.

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