Way Too Much Sex, Everywhere !

Is it just me or is there suddenly way too much sex in everything? Movies, music, books even. It’s everywhere you look. There was a time when a kiss scene in a regional movie would be cut out by the Censor Board. But now, I rarely see a movie without it. I saw a movie recently. A movie that would have been just fine without a half naked girl sexually teasing a married man in a five minute song. As I walked out I saw this really old woman walking out with her entire family and I wondered, I felt awkward watching that song in the movie with my grown sibling. I can’t imagine someone from a much more conservative background / generation sitting there with their entire family – aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews – watching all those scenes. What do they do when a woman in lingerie is unnecessarily dancing around a man  for five whole minutes? Do they close the 5-year-old kid’s eyes? Doesn’t that just induce curiosity?

Everything that was taboo a few generations back is a social culture today. How did this happen? Is it the media spoiling the kids? With sex appeal becoming their best seller, TV ads now need a Parental Guidance (PG) warning. Perfume, deodorant and soap ads now have one thing in common : Dear men, use this and every woman you see on the street will come running to your bed tonight. Really?! One song has the ability to teach a kid more than what the kid will learn from an entire year of sex-ed classes in school. I get how certain movies have the need for certain scenes to make the story plausible. But when you don’t need such an explicit scene, why bother going through all that trouble to add one? Creating sets, paying the artists, shooting all day – for what? Sex sells? Wouldn’t you rather the person watching your movie or listening to your song, do so for the story, the meaning or the pure talent it took to create something like that?

My mother used to tell me, when we watched really old movies together – one dance with a woman half naked and the movie would be given an R (Indian Censor Board – A) certificate. But today, the woman dresses half-naked in a normal scene in a normal movie and the movie is given G (Indian Censor Board – U.) But why? Why has the censor board eased up on these things? Why does the media have such an undying need to portray even the most ridiculous of things in such a sexy way?

Or rather, is the media simply just catching up to the perverseness that is the current generation? Have we, in our need to protect our little ones from the big bad world, fed them more information than we’re supposed to? Have we slowly and steadily, in the name of warning and advise, injected their brains with more information than needed? Did we kick-start a curiosity in them and leave it unnoticed for so long that it is now irreversible?

In my family, you do not mention the word “sex.” Just no. When I moved away, I learned that it’s not as bad as they made it seem. It’s ok to say those words. It’s something that happens. But it’s a private part of your life. Something to be shared between you and the person(s) you’re with. It’s not something you advertise for the world to see.

I remember a time when my parents used to tell me, “Don’t turn into one of them! Your innocence is everything.” Today, I laugh at my one friend that has managed to stay innocent. But I never stop wondering, is she lucky to keep her mind clear of all this for so long? Is she talented to know to take the good from the world and not the bad? Or, is she dumb for not catching on, even though it’s all around us? She does know everything about the birds and the bees. But she doesn’t talk about it, think about it or even care. She holds on to what she believes is the right thing for her to think about. Does that mean she’s being left behind? Will she be the kind of person my child will some day criticize saying “Ohmygod ! She’s so ancient. Like, catch on!” ??

Relationships today are more sex than love. Why? Sure, there are really good guys out there. Guys who love a girl for her heart and not for what’s outside of that heart. But it’s a diminishing kind. Pretty soon, it’ll be extinct. And then what?

I don’t intend to say, we need to go back to the stone age. No, we don’t. But we need to find a balance. We need to make movies and music that a parent can enjoy with their child without it having to be animation or rhymes. You need to sell your product using the product’s worth. Not by advertising it with half naked girls and guys. We can deny it all we want, but we are the ones who decide what the future generation will be like. What we do will influence their lives in the future. Set a good example. Remember , your kid will be one of them someday..

2 thoughts on “Way Too Much Sex, Everywhere !

  1. Just Being Me says:

    A really good documentary to watch on this topic is “Sexy Baby.” It’s on Netflix, but I’m sure you can find it somewhere else as well. Basically, there were these 12 year old kids that dressed like grown-ups, danced like grown-ups, and were trying to figure out how to grow up in this sex-crazed world that we live in. It’s difficult to watch at times, but my definition of something worth watching or reading is defined by how much it makes you feel. And this one will make anyone with a heart feel.

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