Daily Prompt : Fear Factor | Scary Movie Ghosts

I always scroll through the different topics that Daily Prompt puts up, but today, this topic caught my attention.


I feel like a child as I say this, but my biggest fear – Movie Ghosts. Not the kind that comes covered in a white cloth from head to toe like in Caspar. Definitely not. But pretty much everything else.

Mummy Returns (Or was it just Mummy?) with the cockroaches that came out of his mouth? I think I was about 8 or 9 when I saw that movie and I refused to take the elevator in fear that I would be trapped with no escape incase those cockroaches came out of no where.

Ring was my first scary movie ever ! For a very long time I could always imagine this innocent girl at the right bottom end of my bed with no desire to hurt me but always had a longing look on her face. Almost as if I had something she didn’t. Something she wished she had. As I grew into my teens, I got over it for a while.

Then came Paranormal Activity. “The fear is always of the unknown,” my father used to say. It did not help my case that not only did the movie not have a face for the ghost, but it sat at the bottom right corner of the bed like the ghost I’d imagined did.

Grudge (2, I think) had a scene where there were eyes in the walls. That night somehow I slept really well. I was surprised how I wasn’t scared anymore. Until a few days later, I was awake real late at night and I stared right into the glass bookshelf in my room and the edge of a shiny hard cover book shone from the moonlight and thought they were eyes staring at me and screamed.

I should know better by now, but I still cannot turn off the lights if my blankets aren’t covering my face. I cannot sleep in silence because even the smallest noises scare me.

Yet, I love scaring myself. I watch a lot of scary movies, but I still keep away from movies like The Conjuring. I cried with fear after I watched the trailer for that movie and somehow I still went on Google and searched for the real story. The real doll. I guess this is my way of hoping at some point I’ll snap out of it. That if I know the true story and I know that the doll or whatever ghost is locked up somewhere safe, I don’t have to be scared anymore. That maybe I’ll stop the loud music to kill the silence, rip the thick blanket away from my face and look at the dark without fearing that something might just pop up and say “Hello !”
And maybe with time, I will…

..who knows ?! 🙂

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