Daily Prompt : Roy G. Biv | A Love Poem..

It was a different day,

She knew it when She got out of bed.

It felt like a day of love,

So She picked out a dress in RED.


The trees looked brighter,

The flowers in a beautiful rage

The old woman, smiling,

handed out a free ORANGE.


The reason, She soon found out –

He was a fine fellow.

Tall, handsome and beaming

His shirt a musky YELLOW.


The girls around him blushed.

She couldn’t help but grin.

For, it might have been his presence

That made the leaves so GREEN.


She knew he’ll make her laugh,

She knew, to her fears, he’d coo,

She knew with him in her life,

There’d never be a day that’s BLUE.


She felt like this was it.

She had her ducks in a row.

His dimples melted her heart

His eyes a beautiful INDIGO.


As he walked towards her,

She knew she’d never forget

The incredible man in a yellow shirt

Holding a single VIOLET.


That day was a real life fairytale

One that was meant to be told

They held hands and he knew,

He’d found the pot of gold at the end of a RAINBOW..